Technical Solutions Consulting Services - Professional IT Services for Small Business

Consulting Services – Professional IT Services for Small Business

Consulting services are explicitly directed toward supporting your business’s IT needs. Whether we are delivering on the implementation of a new technology, providing technical assistance for a particular technology or simply filling in as part of your staff for a period of time, our focus is on supporting your team. We find that the better your team looks, the better we look.

Strategic Reviews– Technical Solutions & Network, Inc. (TS) conducts reviews of your systems to ensure that your network and computer support plan is not only right for you initially, but grows with you as your business evolves. Our engagements are customized to fit your particular needs.

Managed Technology Services (MTS) Philosophy

Organizations may choose to turn over specific aspects of their IT infrastructure to a managed services arrangement or hire as needed on a consulting or project based or merely to be reactive to support current technologies. We believe that our suite of service offerings provide a continuum that addresses well the needs of Small business in the technology environment.

How can MTS help my small business?

MTS is comprised of a suite of integrated services encompassing total care of your network. Our Managed Care and Proactive Care offerings allow you to turn your entire network over to us and receive a customized Service Level Agreement that fits your requirements and a predictable monthly fee that fits your budget.

Infrastructure Check-Up

New customers commonly engage us to perform an Infrastructure Check-up to understand how well their network infrastructure supports their business. The Infrastructure Check-up is a low-cost engagement that provides a broad-based analysis of the many areas that contribute to the overall health and stability of your network and the satisfaction of your user community.

Managed Care / Pro Active Care

Enterprise caliber services for the small sized business / Flexible support plans for your small business
Provides for the ongoing support of your users, desktops, servers and other network devices. We employ cutting edge tools to resolve many issues before you are aware and report the results for your review at your leisure. This service is for customers who recognize the need for a highly available network infrastructure, yet have a limited need for day-to-day support. Proactive Care allows our customers to limit how much they spend on support while keeping high maintenance standards for their computing infrastructure.

Crisis Care – Any problem, Any time, We’ll be there

Not all technology problems occur between 9 and 5 and many can’t wait for morning. Our Crisis Care service is a subscription based service that gives your company access to our field engineers. We will provide a committed telephone and on-site response time to help you resolve your technology emergencies.

Technical Expertise

Technical Solutions’ Services encompasses strong expertise with the traditional IT infrastructure services. Our focus is the Microsoft platform, though our technicians have a breadth of experience coming from many other technologies. We have strong technical expertise with the technologies listed below.

  • On demand Remote support | Sharepoint Portal Server | Data backup & Recovery
  • Workstation deployment & management | Security | SQL Server | Storage Solutions
  • Scheduled Maintenance | Proactive Maintenance | Emergency Response & Service
  • Wireless Access | VPN | Remote Desktop